Promoting Organic Farming All Over The Globe

Organic Products: A World Of A Difference
July 27, 2017

This is an interesting story of a couple who quit their fancy corporate job and traveled across the globe to promote sustainable living. In recent times, the concept of organic farming has taken the world by storm. It is more than a mere term used by the elite class, and today, it signifies a trend that strives to contribute to the well-being of the environment and individual health.

We gladly talked about the various benefits of eating organic food and the several ways of leading an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Here are the top 7 reasons why they feel organic food is best for you.

  • Say No To Chemicals

    Most of the conventional fruits and vegetables that are found in supermarkets are loaded with pesticides. The glossy red shine of an apple or the inviting citrine color of the sweet lime is due to the addition of chemicals that lend the false color to the product.

    When you eat these fruits or vegetables, you are supplying your body, unknowingly with a load of carcinogenic substances that can adversely impact your health.

  • Healthy Option

    It is not possible to eliminate food substances and switch to drinking only fluids. The least that can be done is growing your produce in your patch of land or buying organic veggies for your family.

  • Safe For Children

    Did you know that children are easily susceptible to the ill-effects of pesticides? Whether it is the intake of junk food or the products that are available on the supermarket shelves, no one can take the blame.

    When you treat them to naturally grown produce, it plays a positive role in improving their health, and the food tastes delicious too.

  • Eco-Friendly

    With the consumption of organic products, you are actively participating in restoring the natural balance of the ecosystem.

  • Better Health of Farmers

    Poisonous chemicals like DDT, aldrin, endrin, and dioxins either through the way of contact or ingestion is harmful to an individual. A farmer is at a high risk of developing respiratory tract cancer due to the frequent inhalation of pesticides.

  • Benefits Local Growers

    If there are small communities of farmers who grow organic plants, you are helping them by promoting and boosting the concept of naturally grown vegetables.

  • Taste of Food Increases

    Families and individuals who had organic food on a daily basis vouch for an increase in taste and durability of the food prepared.

Corporate Event Planners Spearhead Organic Farming Campaign

We couple had recently stopped in India as part of an awareness drive to drive home the importance of leading an eco-friendly lifestyle. We approached corporate event planner Kiyoh, Chennai, to help us in arranging the event. Right from preparing the banners, sending invites on social media and setting up the stage, the event management company was actively involved in the awareness drive conducted by us. We also discussed the theme and the budget with them to enable proper theme and decoration for the event.

Have you wondered about the benefits of going eco-friendly? Here are few of them highlighted by us when we started an awareness drive in Chennai.

  1. Budget-Friendly

It is a well-known fact that purchasing eco-friendly products is economical. This means you are saving money every month which can be put to good use later.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle

 Organic food has a plethora of health benefits and improves the eco-system. The delicious plate of salad in front of you has been grown using zero chemicals and is good for your health. This translates to leading a healthy life with respect to factors like mortality and diseases.

  1. Reduces Carbon Footprints

 Practicing simple habits like recycling paper and using less of pesticide-laced products can go a long way in reducing your carbon footprints.

  1. Reduces Pollution

When you purchase naturally grown supplies, they reduce indoor and outdoor pollution. An eco-friendly lifestyle is a smart choice for your family as it cuts back on the allergies and diseases.

Corporate Event Management Companies Promote Eco Lifestyle

Have you wondered how to spread awareness on Going Green in companies? Take these tips and ideas and incorporate them into your workplace.

Ask questions : 

Ask your team or employees what they intend to do for Earth Day. This sets them thinking, and it can often lead to unimaginable results. Your staff might ditch the plastic cup at the water cooler, or they might cycle to work.

Be a role model : 

All big changes start from a small step, and you can be a role model for your colleagues. Carry a paper cup or bring your own cup from home. Send circulars in recycled paper and cultivate the habit of bringing one food item prepared using organic produce.

Before you know it, we all might soon be inching our way to a clean and greener Mother Earth.

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  1. Robert Greninger says:

    Great blog! Going organic is important.And this post says about its usefulness.Its great that Corporate event planners Kiyoh has supported.Thanks for the beautiful share.

  2. Bettina says:

    Great blog! Going organic is important.And this post says about its usefulness.Its great that Corporate event planners Kiyoh has supported.Thanks for the beautiful share.

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