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All Things Growing

We grow our produce, sprouts, and edible flowers following strict organic methods. We are hesitant to use any sprays or commercial fertilizers even if they are deemed safe for organic use as often they carry products we dont believe should be in our food system. We never use fish emulsion as we are vegetarians and cannot justify the over-fishing of our oceans. Also we have serious concerns about the addition of mercury to our soil.

Chickens & Eggs

The Chickens on Winfield Farm are Our Main Method of Pest Controll. They are Free to Live Their lives Chasing Bugs and Doing What Chickens do. In Addition to Providing us With Fresh Eggs, the Chickens also Providing us with Fertilizer for the Gardens. Every Morning Our Chickens are let out of the Henhouse and Each Night they Return to Roost.

Jams Jellies & Pickles

We Can and Make Jam, Jellies and Pickles Using Local Produce or Produce We Grew, Following Our Family Recipes or Recipes Found in Old Cookbooks. We Use All Organic Sugars and Vinegars, and Make our Jams & Jellies in Small Batches. This is Old School Canning at its Best.