About Us

Winfield Farm Texas has been cultivating organic crops without using any pesticides or insecticides for several years. The customers of Winfield Farm Texas are a hundred per cent satisfied with the top quality fruits and vegetables that are produced at the farm.

Organic farming is a method of farming where the crops are grown without using any pesticides, antibiotics, fertilizers, growth hormones or even any genetically modified organisms. Organic farming was devised as a method to reduce the ingestion of any harmful items by people. It is also extremely harmonious to the environment making it a win-win situation.

At Winfield Farm Texas, the following principles are implemented to give the best to the customers as well as back to the environment:

· Minimize soil degradation
· Maintain the soil fertility
· Decrease pollution
· Careful processing

Since organic farming introduces the method of crop rotation and cover crops, it improves the relationship between the host and predator in the field. This also results in the organic nutrients and residues to be recycled back into the soil. With the growing popularity for organic produce all over the world, Winfield Farm Texas has been able to rise in popularity. The staff at the farm is well versed in the requirements for organic farming and are devoted to giving back to the planet. So stop serving pesticide and fertilizer laden fruits and vegetables to your kids and get onto the organic farming bandwagon. If you are interested in seeing how organic farming is carried out, Winfield Farm Texas conducts regular tours of the farm. It would also be a great way to teach your kids where fresh fruits and vegetables come from.

So the next time you worry about what you are eating, swing into the organic food section and choose what is best for your health, courtesy of Winfield Farm Texas.