About Us

We left the corporate rat race in 2007 for a more sustainable lifestyle. Farming was not necessarily our goal, but after planting a 4600 square foot garden we found ourselves with more produce than we knew what to do with…hard to do for a bunch of vegetarians. But after the kids claim it was going to be “death by zucchini”, we knew we had to do something. After all, just how many ways can one hide zucchini in a meal. This abundance prompted a search to “unload” the produce. We quickly outgrew our local farmer’s market and looked to Austin. We began selling at Austin’s Farmers’ Market the week before Thanksgiving 2008 and quickly sold out. We then added another 5,000 square foot “Long Garden”, followed by another 5,000 square foot “New Garden”. In 2011 we planted 3 acres of onions and 2 acres of potatoes. We are currently growing on 7 acres of our 35 acres, with a small 2 acre fruit orchard planted close to the house.